Anti Aging Skin Care Secrets Using Collagen

Anti Aging and Collagen

Collagen is an anti aging substance that has widely used in cosmetic surgery as a healing aid for patients with burns, bone reconstruction and a miscellany of surgical, dental, and orthopedic purposes.

Skin care experts believe that collagen is an apt beauty treatment and has not been widely used for cosmetic makeup in the household.

What is Collagen?

It is believed that the anti aging collagen is more popular in the beauty industry as it is used in cosmetic surgery such as lip enhancement. Collagen is also one of the most plentiful proteins that are found in mammals. Approximately, a quarter of all proteins is collagen, which is the main content of our connective tissue.

It is tensile and comprises tendons and ligaments, causing elasticity of skin. The degradation of collagen, according to skin care experts, causes wrinkles that lead to aging. Crystalline collagen also fills up the cornea in the eyes.

Anti aging collagen is chemically made of a triple compound of helix that has 1050 amino acids. A superimposition of the triple helix compounds produces collagen fibrils that can be stabilized for rendering it insoluble with the help of its hydrolysis.

The process leads to the collagen hydrolysates which are natural ingredients that are biologically cosmetic and can be purified with gentle extraction or mild degradation of the enzymes. These are also dermatological compatible are free from contamination of any kind.

Collagen: Why is it good for your Skin?

Skin care and anti aging experts recommend collagen for the skin as this has a high molecular content and is important as a retainer of moisture suits all types of skin. It has a lot of benefits such as hydration; it betters the feeling of the skin and lowers the extent and depth of the wrinkles.

Wheat protein hydrolysate and protein hydrolysates on account of their properties of forming films, and even provide extra positive advantages by enhancing the softness and smoothness of the skin. They provide positive outcomes by being effective on account of their free radical capture.

Our busy schedules have made things to be done quicker for each of us by cutting out the corners. It may be effective in our diets, sleep, fitness and other activities. In the end, one of the last mentioned has its effect on our bodies; they help us obtain the maximum nutrition for supporting the health of the body.

Advantages of Collagen

  • Anti aging collagen is a key ingredient of the connective tissue that is present in the skin, joints, nails and hair.
  • The inner layer of the skin comprises large portions of collagen that decomposes at the rate of 1.5% annually once you cross 25 years. The surface of the skin thus becomes lifeless and dull with reduced elasticity, wrinkles and sagging.
  • Anti aging collagen improves skin quality by resulting in regeneration of tendons, joints, ligaments and bones. It improves connective tissue as well.
  • Arthritis research has shown almost 90% improvements in patients.
  • The appearance of your skin is related to the way in which it is supported; wrinkles are formed when levels of hyaluronic acid and collagen diminish.
  • Collagen provides volume and structure
  • It makes proteins water soluble and bio available for rapid absorption
  • The immune system of the body is stabilized and production of abnormal molecular structures neutralized. Hence, stiffness and joint disorders are eliminated, and the cartilage strengthened.

For more information on how to use collagen and other natural ingredients to help turn back the hands of time visit my website below.

Anti Aging Skin Care Products That Really Work

Anti aging skin care products can cost anywhere from cheap to very expensive. Cost does not determine how effective an anti aging skin care product is. Many of them are ineffective.

The question is: Why do so many companies manufacture a skin care product that does a poor job, if it works at all? Why do so many women keep switching anti aging skin care products?

Big Department Store Hype

We often pay too much for inferior products just because it has a popular name on it. Often we find skin care sections right at the main entrance of large stores offering free makeovers. Actually they should be called ‘do overs’. Because you have to do it over at home. And the cost sends quivers through your credit card.

Why it the Cost So High?

The cost of running a store, big or small, eats up a lot of profit. To stay in business a company must make a profit. Store overhead and advertising often dictates the price of a product.

A few companies turn out fairly good products but must charge a very large price to do it. The reason is, as mentioned, advertising, employee costs, taxes, etc. etc. If a company tries to offer a decent price, they may get a lot of sales but often pull the product. Or raise the price so high that sales drop off dramatically. The cost of ingredients and the cost of overhead determine the price tag.

Promoting a Product is Expensive

Products must be promoted or advertised so the public will know it exists. This is expensive. The price must be acceptable by the consumer or no sales. What happens is research and development dollars are shifted to the advertising department. As a rule, there goes the product quality.

Anti Aging Skin Care Product Formula

It is no secret among skin care companies as to what ingredients are needed to make an effective product. Usually only a small amount of these ingredients ever make their way into most skin care products. The ones listed on the label have so small amount that they may as well put in whipping cream or some other filler. They do just that, not the whipping cream but other ingredients that just take up volume. So what should be in the skin care product?

What a Quality Anti Aging Product Should Have

The concentration of ingredients that work should be about 50% of the total product. This will make the product effective and do what it should.

However, what you will usually find in most anti aging skin care products as the main ingredient is: purified water. Add parabens (a potentially dangerous preservative), some coloring, nice smelling fragrances and you have an effective glob of gunk. Read the label of every skin care product that you are thinking of buying.

High End Department Stores-Not the Best Source

If the expensive department stores are not the best place to find safe and effective skin care products, then where is? Not the corner drug store either. Surprisingly, the Internet has some pretty good skin care product companies. What is nice about buying online is that the price is usually fair because the overhead and advertising hasn’t jacked up the price.

Some of these companies understand what a healthy body should have. Many carry in addition to skin care products a high quality line of nutritional supplements that I find are even better than what the health store may have.

What Ingredients Work

Ingredients such as CoQ10, Wakame seaweed, grape seed oil, natural vitamin E and a new ingredient that I highly recommend, Cynergy TK. I found all of these ingredients and more in just one company during my research. For more information see my website. Thanks, Margaret Bell

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Skin Care Products

One of the biggest problems with the cosmetics industry is all of the cheap skin care products they produce. Now I’m not talking about the price of the item when I refer to cheap skin products, because everyone is looking for a deal if they can get one. What I am referring to is how cheaply all of the products that are available are made.

Everywhere you look it seems that you find only cheap skin care products. I don’t understand why the cosmetics giants with all of their money cannot or will not begin the practice of putting high quality, effective ingredients into their products. Instead they insist on giving us nothing to use except for products that are loaded down with potentially harmful chemicals.

If you look at the label of any one of these cheap skin products what you will immediately recognize is that there are for the most part no natural ingredients in them. This is for the simple reason that all natural ingredients cost these companies more money, because they need to be processed into a form to where they will be usable in cosmetics products.

So, the reason that we have so many cheap skin care products is because these billion dollar companies don’t want to put the extra couple of dollars that is necessary in order to give their customers a higher quality, safer, more effective product. Instead they would rather use low grade chemical ingredients in their products that threaten the health of the people that use them.

The chemicals in cheap skin products can cause you all manner of ailments such as endocrine system disruption, organ and neurotoxicity, and cancer. Now keep in mind that they know that these chemicals will cause these things, but they continue to use these ingredients because it saves them money. What does that say about the cosmetics companies?

In order to avoid the use of these cheap skin care products you need to diligently seek out those few companies that do put the extra effort into making your skin care products safe to use. These companies insist on the quality of having all natural ingredients in their products, and are willing to pay the extra price to have these ingredients in their products.

You will certainly not find ingredients such as Functional Keratin and Phytessence Wakame in cheap skin products. These two ingredients affect your skin by not only increasing the amount of collagen and elastin growth, but they also elevate the level of hyaluronic acid that is in your skin. Both of these ingredients are 100% all natural, and safe to use.

These ingredients are the main ingredients in the products of a skin care and nutritional supplement company based in New Zealand. This company has a philosophy that there simply is no room for cheap skin care products, but only for those that are natural and healthy for you to use. It’s a shame that the largest suppliers of our cosmetics products don’t have the same attitude.

Anti Aging Skin Care Treatment – Fighting Off the Signs of Aging With These Simple Tips

We all have great reservations regarding aging, we really do not like seeing ourselves age. That is the main reason behind anti-aging products being as popular as they are. There are many ways that people can follow to keep the aging effects from becoming visible.

Firstly you must understand that a visit to your nearest drug store is not the solution. Instead we have for you 4 main components for the best possible anti aging skin care treatment. Here we list them for you – drinking sufficient water, daily exercise, good nutrition and adequate sleep.

Aging Factors

Factors like environmental factors, gravity & genetics are the reasons behind forming of lines & wrinkles. Whereas, smoking, pollution, stress & UV rays also contribute to aging in a major way.

But that does not mean there are no options for anti aging skin care treatment. There are a number of steps that you can take to stop or slow down the aging phenomenon. The cells in one’s body will die and its place is taken by a new but comparatively weaker one, this results in the progression of aging. But if you use the correct anti aging skin care treatment then the new cells will be granted greater strength thereby reversing the aging process.

So is the process that simple really, can you give strength to the new cell? Well you can, by consuming surplus drinking water, highly nutritious food, daily exercise, good nutrition and adequate sleep.

Anti aging skin care treatment with fruits & vegetables

Vegetable and fruits carry anti-aging products naturally. Nutrients are a vital part of keeping your body healthy. Vegetable and fruits carry vital minerals & vitamins that aid in maintaining and reviving cells & skin. Eat vegetable and fruits as often as you can additionally avoid junk food. As per the National Institutes of Health by consuming 9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily there will be a great improvement as part of one’s efforts for anti aging skin care treatment.

If you really want your skin to look youthful and want to remove appearance of aging effects then avoid sweets plus other foods that contain excessive carbohydrates. Also include whole grains & carotenoid-rich foods.

Recommended Supplements

Your nutritional supplements should be centered on having minerals & vitamins. These should be taken according to the amount of work you do and the stress levels you go through. For effective anti aging skin care treatment antioxidants is something that should feature prominently in your diet so that dying cells are adequately replaced with healthy cells.

Use Herbs

Another thing you can undertake is to not consume extra salt. Use natural spices and herbs instead. A number of clinical studies have proved that there are many benefits of herbs.